Nicole Lee, a Los Angeles-based handbag company, had its first launch in 2004. Since then, the company has quickly emerged into the mainstream gaining endless recognition from magazine editors to those of Handbag 101 Pro .

With unique designs and original details, Nicole Lee has created a collection that is continually outperforming fashion trends. “We believe that fashion should be fun and refreshing.”

Nicole Lee defines fashion as: “An ever-changing entity that constantly incorporates cultural and social traits into its designs.”

Created with high-quality fabric and detailed craftsmanship, Nicole Lee bags aren't shy on the shelves. With aggressive and modern designs, Nicole Lee aspires to take the world of handbags to a whole new level.

This young and hyper-creative design team draws inspiration from European catwalks, the intense dynamic lifestyle of New York and of course the casual yet modern streetwear of Los Angeles to develop their unique and braking collection . Nicole Lee prides herself on creating high-end, contemporary handbags for the chic who knows and appreciates fashion.

You can find the Nicole Lee collection in thousands of elegant boutiques across the state and abroad, including London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Rome, Madrid and many more. With our loyal customers pledging their overwhelming support, Nicole Lee is on an adventure to take on the new era of handbags.